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Welcome to the angelic realm!!! My name is Carol Joyce and I'm an Angel Channeler. What is an Angel Channeler? Well, simply put I receive psychic messages for clients from their angels about their job, a relationship in their life - their future? Let me help you by communicating with your angels to receive the answers you seek!!! As a channeler (psychic) or medium I have the ability to "hear" the angels messages via my gift of being clairvoyant and clairsentient - basically telepathic messages are given to me to pass on to you. People who have passed on often come thru with messages of love and thanks. A friend's mom who passed came thru with words of thanks and a funny comment about my friend not having enough food for the memorial service. Well, my friend laughed and confirmed her mom's statement. This intuitive confirmation was proof to my friend that what we feel is true - that we do not die - we do live on... Once the angels channeled a message through me to tell a gentlemen to check the lug nuts on his front tires. He told me that this made no sense - his car was only 6 weeks old. A few months later this same man contacted me to thank me and his angels. The most recent antique car he had purchased wasn't sounding right so he brought it to his mechanic. The mechanic told him the lug nuts on both of his front tires were loose and he could have been killed... Gotta love those angels!!!

In your psychic reading I will be given the name of your guardian angel - they will tell me what they look like and will give me the area of your life they will be especially helpful with.

How I discovered my gift.                

 Many years ago while experiencing a reading I was told I was a healer and not just by one reader. Consequently I decided to go on a quest to discover my abilities. As time went on through research, education and practice, I discovered my calling - to assist people in their healing by giving them intuitive messages from their angels and psychic messages from departed loved ones. My path toward communicating with the angels and those who have passed from this life has been a professional journey for a number of years. 

 Please remember - we all have guardian angels. When we are born, one is assigned to us for our life here on earth. Remember angels are God's messengers and helpers. So let them do that for you. We just need to remember to ask... Let me know if I can help you. I'm just a phone call 203-882-0351 (landline) or an email away [email protected]


Carol Joyce,

Angel Channeler