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My Blog


Ask & You Shall Receive

Posted on January 28, 2013 at 8:09 AM
Good Morning All - this title is sooo appropriate for me this morning.  This is just a small example - today I am having a new refrigerator delivered - well they called me last night and wanted to deliver it tonight - not trusting that it might interfer with a late afternoon reading I will be doing today, I called and asked for an earlier delivery time today - sorry they say.   So all night being the control freak I am I was just for some reason not comfortable with the possibility of conflict with my client.  Well I got up ea this morning,  I am having my coffee and at seven twenty the phone rings and I'm think - what the heck - it was Lowe's telling me they would like to deliver my refrigerator in 45 mins!!! 
We are all wonderful manifestors - this is just a small thing - but when we put the intention out there wonderful things can happen - ask and you shall receive!!!!
Carol Joyce

Categories: Ask & Yoiu Shall Receive